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English-Russian Practice Exchange/Русский-Английский Языковый Обмен

"I have not failed. I've just found 10,000 ways that won't work. " -T.Edison

English-Russian/Russian-English Practice Exchange
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This is a community created with the intention of being mutually beneficial for native Russian and English speakers (and friends) interested in practicing their written skills in the other language. Here, you will have the opportunity to both publically make and correct each others' mistakes (!) and learn something in the process.

Hopefully, this community will not only provide the chance to practice a foreign language, but also present the opportunity to get into interesting discussion and meet a few new friends. Please don't be intimidated and try to be kind in your corrections. As someone once told me while I was making a fool of myself trying to learn how to downhill ski, "MAKING MISTAKES IS ESSENTIAL TO LEARNING. IF YOU DON'T FALL DOWN AT LEAST FIVE TIMES EACH TIME, THEN YOU'RE NOT LEARNING ANYTHING." ;)

*ACTIVE DEBATE AND LIVELY DISCUSSION IS HIGHLY ENCOURAGED! You are encouraged to write about controversial topics and questions about themes likely to inspire debate. Please be respectful and tolerant.*

General Guidelines:

*Post in your non-native language
*Discuss the topic in your non-native language
*Make corrections/grammar explanations in either language
*Feel free to post about anything that you think might be of interest to the community
*Have fun!
*Said "guidelines" are pretty loose - After all, these are not matters of life and death ;)

Also, here's some info on HTML that might be useful to you (kudos to wildmale ):


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NOTE: To those of you who have nothing better to do other than to try to stir up trouble or for those of you who, for some reason, enjoy the frivolous pursuit of trying to prove the superiority/inferiority of other people, we're wise to you and will use our very best ammunition: We'll just *yawn* ignore you. Don't waste your time here.

For those of you who are hot-tempered and might be tempted to answer, please try to exert a bit of self control and just let it be. :)


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